ICELAND March 2018

This post took me a while to finalize. It's not for a lack of trying - I sat down many times in the last few months to finish sorting through photos and write this post - but it was so hard to choose the words and photos that sum up our trip.

To keep it short and sweet: Iceland is stunningly beautiful. Book a flight.

Below are some (I really did try to narrow this down) of my favorite images from our 4-day trip along Iceland's Southern Coast and the Golden Circle. I've included extended captions on this post to help anyone who is planning a trip in the future. I can't express how helpful it was to get recommendations from friends who have gone before us to help plan out our days - special thanks to Carolyn, Dan, Amanda and Mandy!

Photos shot on a Fujifilm x-T1, Canon 5dMkii and iPhone 7+.

P.S. If you can make it to the bottom of my post, I shared our Google Map that has most of the locations and other points of interest flagged. This was our lifeline while we were there!