New Orleans on Film

It's been a while since I shot film. Having the luxury of being able to take my phone anywhere/everywhere made me lose the patience that film requires. I do, however, keep my old Nikon FM-10 sitting on a shelf in my bedroom, so when I was packing my bags for my Halloweekend trip to NOLA with two great friends, I knew I wanted to bring it along and give it a shot again (plus - that meant I didn't have the hassle of lugging my DSLR and lenses)! These shots were scanned and processed by - I can't recommend them enough!

I love, love, loved New Orleans. I'm a total house geek: I browse Zillow on the reg, love touring home gardens and discussing curb appeal, so strolling down the residential streets in New Orleans was really a treat. I would go back to this amazing Louisiana city in a heartbeat. Most of these photos were taken in Uptown and the French Quarter. Comment if you want to know where any of these were shot, or for anything else. Thanks for looking!