Beauty Portraits for a Professional Makeup Portfolio

In my last post I mentioned that I live with a professional makeup artist. Yes, she's awesome, and yes, she sometimes does my makeup just for a night out—perks! To complete the circle, our mutual best friend happens to be a model. So now we've got a model (Becky), a photographer (moi) and a makeup artist (Kelsey)—all within three miles of each other.

Naturally, we've teamed up for "fun" photo shoots in the past. Usually, there's no rhyme or reason to them, and the photos just end up disappearing into the world of social media. Recently, Kelsey asked that we do a shoot again, but this time there was a reason: to fill in her makeup portfolio so that she can get a new site up-and-running.

So, on a gorgeous evening (I really can't emphasize how perfect the weather was) Kelsey did a bold look on Becky and I packed up my gear to head out for a quick shoot. We chose a tight ballerina bun for Becky's hair so that it didn't interfere with the makeup, and we decided to have her wear an off-the-shoulder sweater for most of the shots. For the location, I called up our good friend, Lauren, who lives in a beautiful, old home located on a preserve just up the road. She and her family were kind enough to let us wander around their home and yard to find a fitting setting. After some photos around the exterior of the house and in the garden, Lauren mentioned that she thought their large, unused barn would be a perfect place for some shots.

She was right. Golden light poured in through the weathered windows as we walked through the old barn doors. Honestly, it was like someone had styled it for us. There was a perfect iron chair sitting in the pool of light and Becky and I were giddy with how perfect it was. We were able to get a few "keepers" just before the sunset that we are all super happy with. You can check out my three favorite images from the shoot and a couple behind-the-scenes iPhone shots below. Cheers!

And here are the BTS shots:

Thanks again to Becky, Kelsey, Lauren and the Lynches!